CSCA Amateur Radio Club

The Central States Communications Association Amateur Radio Club is now official!

Formed in August, 2023 after a poll of CSCA Membership; we've formed our own amateur radio club.


Club Call:   KFØNOT
(Vanity Call Pending)

DMR Talkgroup:  313803 - CSCA Amateur Radio Club

CSCA ARC Repeater Information:
(Deployed for CSCA Events)

442.000 +5 MHZ
Motorola R1225 Repeater with MMDVM Board
Programmed for Mixed Mode (Analog / DMR / P25) Use

Analog:    CTCSS 100.0

DMR:       CC 9 TS 1

P25:          NAC 293 TG 1


CSCA Amateur Radio Club Officers

Position Name Callsign
President JM Rowe N5XFW
Secretary Tara Hammer KDØQJN
Treasurer Dan Busse KAØTER
Trustee Jonathan Ayres KBØYDU