2017 Four State Communications Exercise

In 2017, four states came together to test interoperable communications. In order to build on lessons learned from events such as the Joplin Tornado (2011), and to develop networking and relationships across state boundaries, 12 trucks and 87 like-minded communications professionals met to test their ability to be effective at communicating in an all-hazards environment.

The goal of the three day exercise was both to network between communications professionals, as well as to get needed signatures for All-Hazards Position Tasks Books needed for appropriate recognition and/or credentialing. This exercise was unlike most in that there was no “scenario”. Rather than the participants getting caught up in a story, they were given a specific series of tasks that needed to be completed among the participants in their team. The exercise was specifically designed to pair larger trucks with more capabilities with smaller trucks that may not have all of the capabilities. During times of disaster, each of these Mobile Communications Vehicles have their purpose, and it is important to know the capabilities and requirements of each. By pairing diverse resources up, it allowed participants to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each type of vehicle, and pull ideas from each other.

The location of the incident also made it ideal for this type of exercise, as the property itself crossed into 3 states, 2 FEMA regions, and was also on tribal lands. Participants were only asked to pay for their travel and lodging. Meals were provided by vendors, and there was no participant fee.

A special thanks to our vendor sponsors for this event.

For full text of the After Action Report, click here.