2019 Central States Communications Exercise

Exercise Participant Feedback Form

September 25-27, 2019

We are excited to announce that we will be repeating, and expanding our Communications exercise in 2019. The event will once again be at Downstream Resort in Quapaw, Oklahoma (near Joplin, MO).

We will continue have the exercise as Task List based, in order to maximize the amount people can work on their All-Hazards Position Task Books. However, we do emphasize that while many of the injects in the exercise do come from the Position Task Books, the overall objective of the exercise is to increase interoperable communications throughout the Central States region, and increase networking among communications professionals. Task book signatures will definitely be a focus of the exercise, but the experience gained is the primary goal.

We will be partnering with commercial sponsors to ensure that costs remain as low as possible for participants. We also will be partnering with a Type III Incident Support Team for overhead staffing during the exercise.